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The costumer agrees to respect the limit of passengers by boat and the contracted schedule, as well as to comply with the regulations in force regarding maritime traffic and security following the instructions stipulated in the rental contract and the indications provided by the company’s staff.
In case of non-compliance with regulations, the employer will be the unic responsible, will assume the possible economic sanctions, and will lose the right to use the boat and the deposit would not be returned.

  • At the entry and exit points you must navigate at minimum speed
  • Pay special attention to buoyed areas and diving boats (Alpha flag)
  • Do not makesudden movements to change course or speed
  • Distribute the weight to level the boat and watch the low funds
  • Navigate, if possible in a straight line, away from other boats or obstacles
  • Respect the colonies of PosidoniaOceanica at the time of anchoring
  • Always anchor on a sandy bottom
  • Throw trash or other polluting substances into the sea
  • Access to beaches without entry channel and beach in the sand
  • Navigating and mooring in bathing areas (yellow buoys)
  • Anchoring in access channels or mooring to buoys.