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Boat wintering Menorca

Why should I pupil the boat?

-It is suggested to take the boat out of the water for a minimum of 4 to 6 months to protect it from osmosis and damage to the motor and electrical circuits.

– In long seasons, when your boat is stationary, keeping it in a dry space, away from all the aggressive agents in the sea, is something important to keep everything in good condition.

-We dehumidify the boat when it is out of the water, extending the life of the elements and the usefulness of the systems, motor and electrical elements. It also makes it easy to check that it works correctly to avoid surprises the following summer.

-Allows maintenance tasks.

-In addition to keeping it safe and clean while you are not going to use it, it will have complete custody against winds and storms.

– It is not enough to store the boat in a conditioned space for that, a control and process must be carried out prior to winterizing the boat, a control throughout the stage that we have to store boats and a perfect start-up. point before putting the boat in the water.


The best time to board the boat?

-It will depend without a doubt on your navigation habits, but if you only navigate during your vacations and you have finished them, it is now time to take it out of the water. So you can forget about her until next season and while she’s going to be really well taken care of her.

-Boat insured throughout the stay.

-The service includes picking up and delivering the boat once the boarding has finished.

-It is not enough to store the boat in a conditioned space for that, a control and preparation must be carried out prior to the winter storage of the boat, a routine control during the stay before putting the boat in the water.



Steps prior to winterizing boats

Pick up the boat from the port and transport it to our facilities.
Remove traces of seawater from the engine and generators.
Cleaning of the live work and the dead work.
Chrome, glass and upholstery cleaning
-Can you imagine being anchored in a beautiful cove, after a perfect day and the boat not starting?
-Or that an undetected fault during the winter prevents you from enjoying your boat after all the costs incurred.
-Perhaps this could have been avoided with optimal maintenance during the winter.
-If you need to clarify doubts about it, do not think twice, call us and we will help you.

We take care of your boat as if it were ours

For Menorcaenlancha, having a boat is a commitment to you and as such we take care of it. In the winterization stage we try to ensure that your boat is as protected as possible. We will make a report on the winter storage process so that each client can see that the task is carefully prepared.

Do you want to understand how we do it?

All boats are protected with a kind of fully sealed plastic sleeve, to achieve optimum protection. A heat-shrinkable film that is strong against ultraviolet rays and completely waterproof to ensure your boat from any inconvenience, we install ventilation grills so that the interior is ventilated and we place anti-humidity trays to prevent the formation of mold and other fungi.

Your boat is stored in this way in the open air but well protected from the elements.