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Frequently asked questions about our boat rental services in Menorca.
When the boat is delivered a small explanation of its operation and the basic rules is made.

If the engine doesn’t start, what should I do?

In this case the first thing is to check if there is any gear (if it is set or back, does not start)
If the engine doesn’t start, call +34 686 85 69 69 phone, indicating your position, so that our rescue boat will come as soon as possible.

Can I run out of gas?

No. The boats have an oversized tank with fuel for a whole day (8h) even more, they carry deposit of 100 L

if I lose?

At the delivery of the boat will be given a plane of the area of navigation, with the names of the coves.

If I pass the time of delivery or want to finish before?

In this case, the first thing is to call  +34 686 85 69 69 with at least an hour in advance, communicating the new arrival time to remove the boat.
Any refund after the agreed time will be discounted from the bail 25% of the rental amount of that day stipulated in the contract, for every 30 min delay.

When I’m in the coves, can I stick the boat? (Enter with the boat to the sand of the beach)

No. In the coves there are yellow buoys where the boat area isseparated from the bathing area. You can always throw the anchor near the buoys on top of a sand bottom, if there are rocks the anchor can be nailed to the stones and not be able to climb again

Can I return the boat to another mooring?

Other moorings available can be consulted (CIUTADELLA and FORNELLS)

can I stay away from the coast?

No more than 500 mts.

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